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Stoke Medical Centre

a Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners Cornerstone Accredited Practice.


Kia Ora - Welcome to the Stoke Medical Centre

Stoke Medical Centre is a Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners Cornerstone Accredited Practice.

This means that we have met a range of standards set by the college in order to provide a quality service to our patients.  Cornerstone Accreditation is assessed on site every four years, with self assessments being required every year.  We achieved our inaugural accreditation on 8 February 2010. 

For further information regarding Cornerstone Accreditation, go to the following link Cornerstone

We are committed to providing quality medical care to our patients.  We hope you will find this website helpful.

Our website will show you some of the services we provide, along with some information to help you understand in more detail how and or why we provide the specific service.

We welcome your views and feedback on how you find your visit at Stoke Medical Centre.  We are open minded and will take note of all comments and suggestions.  Often we will be able to change the way we work in response to your ideas. 



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Please note: In order to enrol at any general practice in New Zealand, the Ministry of Health require us to sight specific documents to confirm eligibility for funded health services.  Therefore, along with your completed enrolment form we require: 

  1. a photocopy of your passport with any relevant permits/visas to verify eligibility or your NZ birth certificate.

  2. two further forms of identification, one being a photo ID (unless a passport was supplied).

These are a requirement for New Zealand citizens also.

Remember to order repeat prescriptions in plenty of time. We require at least 48 hours notice.