One of the biggest changes in the way General Practice in New Zealand works is the way the nurses are now involved in many aspects of health care. 

At Stoke Medical Centre our nurses offer a phone advice service throughout the day. They are most often the first to see more urgent cases whilst waiting for a Doctor to become available, and work in a flexible team to keep waiting times to a minimum.

The nurses offer a number of services including but not limited to:
Cervical smear tests, Diabetes checks, Cardiovascular ‘Heart' checks, general health advice, wound care and blood tests.


Meg is our Nurse Leader and is responsible for the co-ordination and guidance of the nursing team and the development of relevant policies and procedures.


Keryn is our Deputy Nurse Leader and assists Meg with the development of policies and procedures.

Ann-Marie      Cheryl      Kirsty      Michelle      

Nicky      RAewyn      Rosalie      Vicky

Jenny      Jodie

Jenny and Jodie are our Health Care Assistants.  Jenny is an enrolled nurse and can do many of the duties our other nurses do.  Jodie has completed a training course as a Health Care Assistant.