The Government heavily subsidises medical care charges for basic consultations for those eligible patients enroled with our practice. 

All other types of consultations and other services attract a fee that reflects the unsubsidised cost of the doctor or nurse time and any materials used where applicable.


Standard Medical Consults - 15 minute Doctor consultation

Age ENROLLED CASUAL with CSC* or HUH Card * CASUAL without card Non NZ Resident
Consult 0-5$0.00$38.50 $38.50$74.00
Consult 6-12 $0.00 $53.50 $58.50 $74.00
Consult 12-17$33.00$53.50$58.50$74.00
Consult 18-24 $38.00$58.50$74.00$74.00
Consult 25-44$45.00$58.50$74.00$74.00
Consult 45-64$45.50$58.50$74.00$74.00
Consult 65+$40.50$58.50$74.00$74.00

* CSC - Community Services Card / Super Gold Card
* High User Health Card


ACC Consultations - 15 minute consultation

0-12 Years of Age $0.00 $0.00
GP/Nurse Initial Joint Consult $37.50 $53.00
GP Initial Consult $37.50 $53.00
Nurse Initial Consult $27.50 $33.00
GP/Nurse Followup Dressing$16.50$23.00
GP Consult $37.50 $53.00
Nurse Consult (Dressing) $16.50 $23.00

Please note additional charges apply for Home Visits and/or after hours consultations.    For more complex consultations, additional consult time may be required. 


GP Services Fee Nursing Services (Enroled Patients Fee Nursing Services (Enroled Patients) Fee
Medicals (per 15 minutes) $74.00 min Nurse Consultation $28.00 Blood Pressure Check $14.00
Full Skin Check $114.50 ECG $37.00 Blood Test $14.00
Drivers Licence - Enroled Patient +65 $66.00 Injections $14.00 Dressings (Additional fees may apply) $16.50 min
Drivers Licence - Casual or Enroled u65 $74.00 Spirometry (pre & post) $112.00 Flu Vaccination - Non Funded $30.00
CO2 (in addition to consult) $5.00 Travel Vaccine Consult $75.00 Ear Syringe $28.00
Cryopen (in addition to consult) $6.00 Travel Vaccines POA* Infusions from $135.00


This list does not contain all of our prices and is for Enrolled patients.  Please ask at reception for causal patient fees or additional services.

* POA - Travel vaccine prices vary, prices are available on request.

**All Prices are in conjuction with our Terms of Trade**